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20 Reasons you should Drink Lemon Water in the Morning

Here are 20 answers to your questions

There’s nothing better that you can do for your organism than to give it lemon water in the time when it is waking. In the morning every cell needs to rejuvenate, fill with water and nutrients so that it can flush all the toxins out and transport all the nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to the needed places in the body.

The water is definitely the best thirst extinguishing drink there is for the human kind, or any other creatures, but when you add lemon to it, then you have created the best drink your body can have. It not only gives you C vitamin, but also alkalizes your organism, and we all know how beneficial this is. Many illnesses can be avoided if your body is properly hydrated and alkalized. This drink is a natural energizing body rinse that surely regulates many systems, not only the digestive and urinary tract for which is already well known.

This lemonade is best absorbed if the water is warm. The body doesn’t like cold drinks in the morning. Later during the day you can enjoy this great drink a bit colder.

lemon water20 incredible facts to have lemon water in the morning

1. Lemon water gives your body a fair amount of nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and calcium and electrolytes which provide hydration for your body.

2. Lemon water is great for pain reducing in the joints and muscles.

3. Warm lemon water greatly stimulates gastric juice secretion because it contains citric acid. This acid interacts with enzymes and other acids for a better digestion.

4. Lemon water makes the liver produce more enzymes than any other beverage or food.

5. Lemon water cleanses the liver. Lemon juice intensifies the release of toxins from the liver.

6. Lemon water is famous for fighting all sores and infections of the mouth and throat. It’s the greatest cleansing, rinsing, anti- inflammatory drink that lately is on every health care magazine or on the internet. This is all thanks to the rich anti-inflammatory properties of the lemon.

7. Lemon water aids to normalize bowel function.

8. Lemon water is crucial for the proper function of the metabolism. Lemon is a very strong antioxidant that provides the body protection from free radicals and gives a strong immune system.

9. Lemon water helps regulate the normal functioning of the nervous system because of the lemon’s abundant content of potassium.

10. Lemon water helps in lowering of blood pressure. If you have one lemon juice a day( extracted from one lemon) you can reduce 10 % of your hypertension.

11. Lemon water cleanses blood, blood vessels and arteries.

12. Lemon water alkalizes your body. If taken before a meal, it makes your body keep a higher ph level. It is known that the higher the ph level, the more your body can fight diseases and prevent them.

13. Lemon water is amazing for your skin. If taken regularly daily ( in the morning ) it will provide your body and skin hydration and C vitamin. This will regulate your skin needs thus reviving every cell for a better look.

14. Lemon water helps in fighting pain in joints and gout by its ability to dilute uric acid. This acid can build up in joints thereby causing gout illness.

15. Lemon water is a great natural drink for pregnant women. It is rich in vitamin C which helps the organism deal with a lot of conditions, viruses and colds. It is an essential ingredient in bone tissue formation of the infant and also due to potassium high content of the lemon, it helps in forming brain cells and the nervous system of the baby.

16. Lemon water eases heartburn. Here’s a recipe.

Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice in a half a glass of water.

17. Lemon water aids in dissolving of gallstones, kidney stones, pancreatic stones, and calcium deposits.

18. Lemon water helps your body lose weight as it alkalizes your body. The pectin fiber it contains helps fight food cravings.

19. Lemon water is a great remedy in treating toothache and gingivitis.

20. Lemon water inhibits cancer. It is very well known that cancer patients treat this illness with alkaline food. Lemons are one of the most alkaline fruits.

Proper Lemon water consuming ( The way and the time)

The way

It is highly advised not to use sugar for this purpose. Lemonade is a different beverage.

Lemon water is considered a medicine, a remedy for many illnesses. For maximum amount of lemon juice you should wash the lemon in hot water, press it a little and then cut it. You will yield more juice this way. Try lemon juicers too, if you can’t squeeze enough juice out. At times when you don’t have lemon , use lemon essential oil.

Always use warm water, filtered or tap for this amazing and healing beverage.

The time

Always on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. For best results it is advised to drink lemon water up to an hour before meals.

In conclusion , when life gives you lemons, make Lemon Water.

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