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Cleanse and rejuvenate your skin from the inside

Your skin is what you are. It’s your way of life and what you make of it. Almost everyone has experienced problems with their skin. Be it wrinkles, redness, acne, spots, dry and sensitive to greasy skin with pimples.

It is well known that stress is the main trigger of problematic skin in young and old people. In addition, unhealthy habits like alcohol, smoking, bad food, lack of sleep, insufficient hydration, lead to medical issues like hormonal disorder, intoxicated liver , indigestion and many other complications .These of course , directly affect the quality of your skin.

rejuvanate skinTo keep your skin healthy, with a youthful glow you can cleanse it, hydrate it, nurture it by using skin renewing food.

Healthy food that should not be omitted in your daily menus are the well known fruits and vegetables. Find out which are top rated for skin care and make your own favorite blend of juices and salads.

The following is strongly suggested:

Best skin care food

1. Carrot

It protects the skin from UV radiation, which means “faster ageing” , nourishes it with minerals and vitamins for a healthy complexion and softness. Don’t forget to take some of this rich antioxidant with you on the beach.

2. Beetroot

It detoxifies the skin and increases cell renewal. Its potent antioxidant Betalaine, helps fight inflammation and fungal infections. This pigment makes wrinkles less apparent, protects cells from ageing by having the ability of renewing them.

3. Pineapple

The queen of fruits rich in C vitamin will definitely feed your deepest layers of skin providing excellent hydration and nourishment. It will soften your skin, revitalize it and cleanse it for a perfect glow. This delicious fruit will rejuvenate your skin and protect it from irritation.

4. Celery juice

This vegetable can be enjoyed in a broth and in a juice. The fresh celery juice is a strong alkalizing cure for the entire organism.

It is rich in silicone, which helps collagen and elastin renewal and also builds connective tissue.

In short, it is anti aging, anti wrinkles and reduces skin irritation.

5. Tomato

The tomato’s essential ingredient –Lycopene, is a powerful antioxidant in charge of shielding the skin from radiation, dehydration, sun exposure and other damaging influences.

This famous antioxidant aids the skin in looking young and silky soft. It is important to know that lycopene levels increase when the tomato is thermically treated.

6. Papaya juice

It is called the “Fruit of the Angels” for its luscious taste and not only for that. It is abundant in vitamin C ( 225 mg) which covers more than a daily intake of this vitamin. It is also very rich in other phyto – nutrients like b-vitamins, folic acid and other vitamins.

It has the best balanced ratio of vitamins and minerals to make the skin youthful and soft by reviving the damaged skin cells and enhancing collagen production.

It naturally provides the skin with the richest nourishment from within.

7. Apple

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, is certainly no exaggeration considering the many benefits it provides the entire organism.

It not only hydrates the skin, but also helps revive cells thus keeping it firm and healthy.

The part that is important to know is that it may help the skin against skin cancer and various inflammations due to the high content of flavonoids.

8. Lemon

This fruit is one of the most used fruits in cosmetic industry and food industry as well. It is very popular as a basic ingredient in homemade skin cleansing masks and creams and also in drinks such as lemonade or tea.

It is a C vitamin synonym which can be enjoyed as a juice or with water to alkalize and detoxify the body and the skin, to smooth out wrinkles, cleanse the acne and prevent skin inflammation. It is effective as food and as a skin cure for external use.

9. Cucumber

It is the most hydrating, alkalizing skin and body care vegetable that revives the whole organism. Because of its high water content it is almost as an intravenous intake of vitamins and ingredients which are great in maintaining skin softness and elasticity.

This is a strong alkalizing remedy which rejuvenates the organism. It will help your skin, especially if you have problems with inflamed, dry or damaged skin. It renews the skin, it cleanses, hydrates and helps reduce wrinkles.

10. Seeds – flax, chia, sunflower

These seeds are very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Their strong content is powerful enough to heal scars, reduce wrinkles, skin ageing, acne and pimples. They are the best nourishment your sensitive skin can have.

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