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See the formula for all types of cancer, which the Pharmaceutical Industry hid so many years!

There are three plants that can save you from more than 100 atypical cells

Does this sound being too unrealistic? It is too good,to be true?

These plants are a gift of nature to us, and their strength is really huge.

Here are the three plants of miraculous formula against cancer:

–  Young, green walnut

–  Wormwood plant (Artemisia absinthium)

–  Cloves

cancerThese three plants need to be used together.

The walnut and wormwood kill at least 100 types of adult atypical cells in different stages of development.

Cloves kill their metastases. Only if you use all three components together will achieve an effect on all cells.

If you kill only the adult cells, the new will soon pass in adults.

For remedy against cancer used by green shell from young nuts. Medicinal properties have in plants only when the bark is green. In large enameled or ceramic dish (not metal) with a capacity of approximately five liters filled to the brim with green shells of walnuts. Add ethyl alcohol to above until coated shells. Add half a tablespoon of vitamin C powder. Cover the container with foil. So should stand 3 days. The mixture is strained and poured into sterile glass containers.

Wormwood – the amount that is needed is quite little but can not do without it. Once was dried the wormwood herb, must be grind to a powder and placed in a glass container.

The third plant that you need is a cloves. Just  as wormwood, to obtain a powder. Keep also in a glass container.

How to Use a miraculous triple formula against cancer:

From Tincture of walnuts kernels drink a teaspoon dissolved in half a glass of water in the morning. If you have more than 70 kg drink 2 teaspoons, and if you are over 90 kilograms – 3. For patient with heavy diseased the dose may be doubled and drink to a complete cure.

Wormwood. The amount you should use is 2 teaspoons powdered wormwood before dinner and the procedure lasts 14 days. After that drink a teaspoon each day until cure.

Cloves also is taken as one teaspoon three times a day before meals. After tenth day, take a teaspoon before dinner until cure.

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