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Which of our habits cause Sagging Breasts?

We all know that over the years our breasts (of us women) are sagging. A recent study shows that tissues are aged 2-3 years faster than the other parts of our body.

But if we can not stop this process, we can challenge prematurely
If you avoid the 3 things listed below your breast will look younger as long as possible.

1. Smoking

It is well known that smoking contributes at skin to  lose the elasticity, which causes the breasts to be hung. Cigarettes slow blood flow and decrease the synthesis of collagen in the skin.

2. The bad body posture and lack of exercise

It is very important pectoral to our muscles be tight and at all to do sports. However, there are movements which are not so good. It is better to draw attention to the body posture throughout the day. You know, chest forward, chin above.

Breast3. Rigorous diets

For chest is very important to eat a balanced and adequate food
At yo-yo effect lose weight in a short time and then for short time gain the weight,
which strains the skin and breasts sagging. Our skin can not indefinitely to shrink by weakening, but so does good stretches when gaining weight. Therefore, is for the best to stick to constant weight, which except for the chest is good for our health in general.

4. The bra at no measure

This is a very common problem. Much more than we think. The Bras still stretch

But their primary function is to maintain. The most important is to choose a bra to measure. Studies show that 80% of women not wear a bra which is in their size.

In recent years there has been discussion ‘for’ and ‘against’ wearing a bra generally, but from whoever a camp you are, both of are unanimous that the bra must necessarily be under measure.

5. On the sun without protection

Breasts take the dose of UV rays and in addition, can very easily be burned.
Which causes the skin to wrinkle and aging prematurely. So let’s not overdo it with the sun. Because sunscreen products are not a magic solution to the problem – they have many chemical ingredients.

In general, it is important that our breasts  feel and look good
So we can be proud and happy with our breast!

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