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You’ll Never Clean The Inside Of Your Ears Again After You Read This!

Swabbing out your ears? You better think again!

Swabbing your ears is not a good idea at all . You need to seriously understand what happens inside your ear when you do that.

This is why: Your ears have a natural way of cleaning themselves by simply pushing its ear wax out slowly until it dries and falls out.

By putting cotton swabs inside your ear you only push the earwax in and interrupt your own body’s cleaning process.

Swabbing out your earsThere is a high chance you might hurt your ear.

Ear wax is known as cerumen. It is your ears own natural protection. It keeps your ears protected from harmful bacteria, fungi and potential infections. Cerumen is removed when you swab your ears.

By swabbing your ears you do nothing else but just pushing ear wax in where it should not go. This causes it to get stuck . It can pile up on the ear drum , block it, push fungus and bacteria into the inner ear there by cause infections among other complications.

Dr. Douglas Backous , the director of hearing and skull base surgery at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle says that frequent swabbing of your ear causes skin irritation , which leads to histamine release.
If you feel your ears are dirty do not clean them your self! It may be a good time to visit your doctor.

However, You should visit your doctor if :

Ear wax is accumulated
There’s a discharge coming from your ears
Your ears itch severely.
You get earaches.
You’re experiencing loss of hearing.
This should be a clear sign for you to stop swabbing your ears.

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