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Cola Drinks Are Dangerous For Human Health But You Can Use Them In Many Other Useful Ways

The whole world knows about Coca-cola. It is the most famous product in history and the most used phrase after ” HELLO.” The company makes sure it is easier to find or buy a coke than drinking water at some countries in the world.

The company made sure to advertise itself as environmental friendly and socially responsible , but the truth is that indeed it is to blame for water shortages and pollution.

Need it be mentioned that the acidity of Coke has made many people aware of the toxicity of this drink because of the level of acidity is only one scale higher than the battery acid.

cokeThe National Heart, Lung and Blood institute ,funded a study where researchers concluded that those who take at least one soda a day are at higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome for 44 %. This is concluded after four years of study.

The study was conducted at Framingham, on more than 2400 middle aged white residents. At the beginning of the study , 1600 individuals showed no signs of metabolic syndrome. These individuals were specifically tracked by the researches for the following four years.

Individuals who had a daily intake of at least one soda, also had:

• 31% higher risk of overweight
• 30% higher risk of a larger waist;
• 25% higher risk of developing high blood triglycerides or high sugar;
• 32% higher risk of having low levels of good cholesterol;
• tendency to high blood pressure

An other study showed that consuming one or more sodas a day, can lead to stroke or heart failure. It is 48% higher risk compared to those who do not drink it at all or not every day.

COPD and asthma, such as other respiratory conditions are related to Soft drink consumption.

10 Household Uses for Coke

It is an excellent cleaning agent because of the high acidity

To make it easier to understand it is important to know that the smaller the number, the higher the acidity. From 0 – 7 the ph level is acidic, from 7 – 14 it is alkaline. Did you know that pure water has a ph level of 7, a battery has a ph level of 1 and Coke has the level of 2,5. Only one scale higher .

If you do not want to use chemicals for household cleaning, than feel confident that using Coke will do the job.

These 10 reasons will clear all your doubts, it isn’t fit for drinking:

– Coke can eliminate rust: just dip tin foil, sponge or any cloth in coke and scrub the surface

– Take out blood stains from fabric

– Clean oil stains from a garage: let the stain soak, hose off.

– Clean burnt pans: let the pan soak in the Coke, then rinse.

– Clean your engine; Coke distributors have used this technique for decades.

– Sparkling pennies : put coin in a cup of Coke, no need to scrub.

– Get rid of stains from your favorite vitreous china

– Sparkling toilet : Pour coke in and around the inner part of the toilet seat, wait for a few minutes, you will see when the bubbles scrub off all residue, flush

– Chrome will shine better if treated with Coke

– Paint on metal furniture can be removed if a cloth dipped in Coke is left on the furniture surface

Coca-Cola is apparently a product that can be used for many good purposes, of course other than consuming.

Source : http://thefreethoughtproject.com/10-coke-prove-fit-human-consumption

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