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Free weight loss plan : Trick diet with water

While melt overweight, one of the biggest allies is a water! Perfect help if you want to clear the body of toxins and excess fat, and if you want to save yourself from overeating.

Besides worthy replaces all juices and sugary drinks, water will provide you with trouble-free weight loss!

2 rules for free fat loss, to which they must adhere:
Glass of water before meals

When you feel hungry, drink 200ml of water and wait 10 minutes. Only after these 10 minutes you can find out if you were really hungry or just thirsty.

weight loss planGlass of water after meals

Will double speed up your metabolism, if you drink a cup of water at mealtimes and another after eating. The effect will feel only 10 minutes after you drink.

Furthermore, the body consists of 70% water. Water positively affects digestion, absorption of nutrients, improves circulation and maintain body temperature.

So, instead of wondering, try this free plan for weight loss.

Photo source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okECR_1hR2s&index=29&list=WL

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