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The vitamin B17- KILLER OF CANCER – This people did not get cancer, because they consumed this vitamin:

The vitamin B17 for the first time found in almond seeds, then it is revealed that is contained in most fruits. For years, this substance is considered a vitamin and attributed to vitamins of group B under number 17.

Modern research has reported, however, that rather belongs to a vitamin compounds.

Of course this fact is not belittling or decreases string of health benefits.
The vitamin B17 is also known under the name amygdalin. It is composed of two sugar molecules – one cyanide, and the other is benzaldehyde

Hunza - B17Benefits of Vitamin B17
It is believed that contained in vitamin B17 cyanide component damages and destroys cancer cells. Many experts believe that this vitamin is key in combating the insidious disease. Many studies confirm that vitamin B17 is extremely effective in cancers.

The purified form of vitamin B17, known as laetril is applied in the form of injections or oral treatment. For the moment, this substance is banned for use in the US, due to the need for further research to confirm its effectiveness.

Proven fact is that the nations who consume on foods rich with vitamin B17, cancer is almost unknown disease.

Examples are residents of Hunza valley, on the border between Pakistan and India,
which apricot and its nut shells are an integral part of the diet.

Each year, even with the budding of apricot trees, they stopped eating, but they consume a special drink made from water and dried apricots.

According to Dr. Ernst Krebs Jr. / biochemist from San Francisco / cancer not worried by an unknown bacterium, virus or toxin, but rather is a vitamin deficiency disease caused by shortage of valuable nutrients in the diet of modern people.

Back in the 50s of the last century he discovered that vitamin B17 is harmless to humans. He even injected it on animals and on themselves without getting a poisons. Krebs died in 1996 at age 85.

Other benefits attributed to vitamin B17 include reducing arthritis pain, lowering blood pressure and toning the body.

Sources of Vitamin B17
At the highest concentration of vitamin B17 contained in the seeds of apricots, cherries, peaches and bitter almond.

Other sources of vitamin B17 are cashew nuts, plums, sugar cane, quinces, sprouts, seeds of apple, raspberries, blackberries, millet, barley, brown rice.

Sprouted beans, lentils and lucerne are also excellent sources of vitamin B17. It is believed that several apricot kernels per day provide a good amount of amygdalin in the body.

Related harm of vitamin B17
It is necessary to be careful with the consumption of apricot kernels, because in large quantities, they may be poisonous or dangerous.

It is believed that the content of amygdalin in 50 apricot kernel is extremely dangerous Human Health. Amygdalin lethal dose is 1 gram and contains about 100 nuts.

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