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These are the first symptoms of the cancer! If you have any of these immediately seek medical advice

What are the first symptoms of the disease cancer?

Essential for timely diagnosis and treatment of cancer disease are exactly those things that suggest the cancer cells attack. Sudden weight loss, changing of the skin color, unusually feelings of high temperatures – all of these symptoms may indicate that perhaps you may have cancer.

Over time they may appear also other symptoms, but until then it is necessary to visit a doctor while you are aware of the main characteristics of the disease.

MouthSymptoms that need a special attention!

Here are the symptoms of the disease cancer!

The basic or primary symptoms of the cancer disease do not occur in all group of cancers and may be common to other diseases. Nevertheless, if you have at least one of the signs listed below, the emergency need is to consult a doctor as soon as possible so he may examine you and do the necessary research:

1. Faults in the reproductive system, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic constipation or diarrhea, changes in the number of stools and color. All this could mean – colon cancer. When there is painful urination, blood in the urine, you should immediately contact a doctor. Many frequent urination, without apparent reason, can be a symptom of the prostate cancer.

2. Appearance of wounds and ulcers. Often the tumor is “disguised” as an ulcer and bleeding a lot. Small ulcers in the mouth, which is not treated – may also be symptoms of cancer. Sores on the male or female genital sex, from a serious infection of the body may be the cancer of the genitals.

3. Pus or blood. Quite often the occurrence of the pus and blood, cancer has been already evolved disease long ago. Expectoration of pus with blood – is a great likelihood of lung cancer and if blood is found in stool – it means colon cancer. Leakage of blood or pus discharge from the nipple – is a direct sign of breast cancer.

4. Solid clumps in various parts of the body that is palpable through the skin (in testicular, breast) – also may be some signs of the cancer disease.

5. Difficulty swallowing and gastrointestinal problems such as heartburn, epigastric pain – these symptoms also signal a cancer of the stomach or intestines.

6. The emergence of the new moles or warts that changes their colors and shapes, are reason to be concerned. Often this is a sign of melanoma, which could be treated at an early stage.

7. Hoarseness, persistent cough is a common symptom of lung cancer if the voice is lost – this may be a sign of thyroid cancer or throat.

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