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What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke

At the time when I worked as a pharmacist, I was close to people suffering from obesity, heart illnesses, diabetes and other conditions related to excessive weight.

What I was very curious about was why people would still put on weight or not lose weight at all even when they were on low fat diet.
It was obvious that it was not only the fat they were consuming or not consuming at all. There was something out there , a substance , an ingredient that I new for a fact that was the master mind hiding behind all these illnesses. I was determined to find out why were they obese.


I came to a conclusion that all prevalent , common illnesses in the West were closely related to processed food and drinks. The key matter was fructose in fructose corn syrup.

This kind of Fructose is a main ingredient of all soda drinks, fast food, sweets, processed food that we do not even know how bad they are for our health.

The most ironic thing is that Corn Syrup Fructose with additional flavoring, is found in many “healthy” products that are fat free or low in fat in order to make them tastier because without the fat they taste bad.

Our body’s favorite sugar is Glucose.Yes, it does like it because every single cell metabolizes it effortlessly with a little toxic by-products.  Glucose feeds us perfectly and informs our brain when we have enough of food.

On the contrary Fructose is the kind of sugar that is a part of Sucroze which changes into glucose and fructose.

It is the liver that metabolizes the Fructoze. It resembles alcohol( ethanol) in drinks. Fructose is like alcohol to the liver. It affects the liver very badly and makes it produce excessive unhealthy fats. The real problem for the body is that Fructose d o e s n ’t tell your brain that you have had enough of food! As a result, you go on wanting more and more Cola or any other fizzy beverage and large portions of processed food bursting of Fructose.

Fructose is a basic ingredient of a lot of fruits, but natural food is full of fiber and the beauty of natural food is that it has balanced one with the other with fiber not allowing the body have more than the needed amount of fructose.

I realized that food containing corn syrup fructose like industrial products or fast food is the cause of obesity and all the other related bad health conditions. I started telling people how they should eat healthy by avoiding processed food high in carbs and introducing natural food high in protein , low in carbohydrates. So – more protein less sugar. The result were promising. People felt much better and lost weight faster.

I have advised many people very often that they should drink tap water with lemon instead of Coca Cola or any other soda pops.

A substitute that is an excellent choice is the famous Green Tea. I strongly recommend it because it has alpha wave theanin which blocks the negative impact of caffeine.

Stevia is the leader of healthy substitutes for any kind of sugar. It is by far the best natural product that has proved high quality.

So I thought I can normally spread the news to the people by writing in my health project with ASDA WALMART…
They immediately stopped my work because they are a supermarket chain that profits a lot from Coca Cola .

1.6 billion servings of Coke are sold daily worldwide and Walmart is one of the main supermarket chains. A great deal of Coca Cola is sold through them.

And yes, Walmart’s head office in UK didn’t like me much after I urged people to stop drinking Coca Cola and all fizzy drinks.

Wade Meredith has written an awesome article on the dangers of Coca Cola and other caffeinated drinks to our health.

Just read and see what can only one can of Coke do in 60 minutes

In The First 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar strike your system. (100% of your allowed daily intake. Phosphoric acid blocks the overpowering sweetness immediately thus making you not feel sick.

20 minutes: As your blood sugar increases excessively , insulin explodes. Your liver transforms all the sugar into fat. ( There’s enough of it as we are speaking!!)

40 minutes: Caffeine is fully integrated in the body. Pupils widen, blood pressure rises and sugar is thrown into the blood stream. The Adenosine receptors in your brain are inhibited to allow sleepiness.

45 minutes: The happiness centers of your brain are triggered by increased dopamine . It is just like Heroin affects on you.

60 minutes: Calcium, magnesium and zinc bind from the affect of phosphoric acid in the lower intestine and increase the metabolism. High percentage of these valuable minerals get wasted by urinating frequently from the high amount of sweeteners or sugar .

> 60 minutes: the caffeine kicks in making you urinate frequently. Now for sure you are going to flush away all the magnesium and calcium and zinc and all other ingredients as sodium, electrolyte and water that was meant to go straight to the bones.

60 minutes : As your roar calms down, your sugar collapses causing you feel either irritable or slow.Now, You have flushed down all the water that the Coke took with it together with all the minerals that your body could have used to hydrate and feed upon to build strong bones and teeth.

Coke is filled with not only high fructose corn syrup, but also caffeine and refined salts. Frequent or ordinary taking of these processed products in high amounts can definitely result in diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart attack.

We all have one heart, one life . Please think of these words before you take that bottle of Coke!

Everyone must know of the danger lurking in these fizzy drinks. High dosage of sugar causes high levels of acidity, carbonated water phosphorus and salt add to the risk .

Currently Gallup market research declares that 48 % of surveyed Americans consume 2.6 glasses of fizzy drinks daily.

Here is a video from Huffingtonpost “The affect of a glass of Coca Cola in 60 minutes”

Source:  http://therenegadepharmacist.com/

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