It is amazing how our feelings, our way of thinking profoundly affects our well being . Our mind – set is strongly connected to all our systems. Emotions travel through our immune , endocrine and central nervous system. Now, be careful, if we do not know how to manage them, they will stay trapped, suppressed and in the mean time until they come out they will have destroyed us deeply.

Feeling ill comes from the damage caused by trapped emotions, suppressed , unexposed or unexpressed problems that we have failed to solve. Anything that leads to fear , feeling bad or unhappy can absolutely lead to illness of any kind.

emotion- bodyAs a result,” What you don’t know, can hurt you” . By this I mean if you don’t know how to deal with your emotions, they will hurt you. All illnesses come from an unhappy state of mind.

Here is how the way of subconscious is: If you suppress, hide, fear your feelings or emotions, stay sad and have lost yourself, it will explode in you with a nervous breakdown, a heart attack, depression or any kind of illness there is.

It is in fact very simple,” all illness comes from trapped emotions”.

Memories from bad childhood are known to anyone. If left unsolved ,surely they will cause illness. There are many methods of solving issues related to childhood or any time of life. One of the ways is to reconstruct the scene , feel the feeling and master it. However it may be we should always work on our problems.

We all have an instinct, a strong side of us. It will come to rescue if we only summon for it. We should feel our feelings, not hide or suppress and after we understand how to treat the issues or problems that cause these feelings , only then we will break free.

Did you know that even if you eat the best food when feeling sad, it will harm you. It is important to have a healthy life style , but this article is not about that. It is about you and only you. Talk to you self, can you? It takes time to heal but you have to save yourself.

A woman said to her doctor: This can’t be happening. I have made all regular analyses, checkups, Pap test and I still got cancer! So there you see, it is not only the food and the checkups. It is the mind –set of the person.

“No one can save us from ourselves”. “We are our hero”.

If we go around being negative , it is disease we will get.

There is always a pattern in everything. If we only find out how to feed it positively, only then we will be the happy person we want to be.

Stop being a sad version of yourself blaming others for your misery.

Find out exactly what makes you feel bad and STOP it ! Just take it from there….

Source: http://thespiritscience.net
Other included source linked in Spirit Science article: http://www.thevillager.com.na/articles/

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