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10 Cleaning tricks which every woman needs to know!

Don’t we all just want to clean our houses faster?  Take a look at these amazing , (mostly natural) ways to clean stains or any mess.

Cleaning sponge

The cleaning sponge is said to be an equal to a toilet seat. It is the most desired place to grow and spread for the bacteria of any kind. When you feel it’s getting slightly heavier, know for sure it’s full!

Just put it in a microwave for two minute or use vinegar .

cleaningWashing machine

To completely clean and disinfect your dish washing machine follow these three steps :

  1. Pour two cups of white vinegar in the machine and let it stay about an hour.
  2. Turn on the machine and start complete cycle. If any remains are left after the cycle is finished, clean with a sponge and white vinegar.
  3. Pour two cups of bleach, let it stay for an hour and start complete cycle again. Use cotton swabs to clean knobs, crannies, lids and nooks.


If your baseboards are “unclean”, use fabric softener sheets.

Carpet and mattress stains

This is a total stain remover for any fabric, mattress or carpets.

Water stains on taps

We are all bored with water streaks and stains and fingertip marks  on kitchen and bathroom faucets, shower cabins and tiles.

A way to prevent them from occurring is to use wax paper on them .

Toilet rings

Put a tablet of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the toilet and close the lid. Leave over night. It will sparkle the next day!

Fragrant rooms

It is indeed nice when the house smells good.

When you are out of any fresheners or you want natural ingredients only, just take a cup of coffee and two bottle caps of vanilla extract. Mix them in a dish and put in a hot oven for an hour. Enjoy the aroma!

Sticky dirt

To easily clean the sticky dirt on any surface use baking soda and coconut oil in equal amounts.


Alkaline cleansers effect can be boosted if the bath tub is filled with hot water.

Light bulbs

These are easily forgotten almost in every household. For better results use microfiber cloths.

These tips are worth remembering for every person.

Source: worldhealthinfo.net


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