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Fake Rice is Everywhere!! Find Out How To Recognize Real From Fake Rice

China has bewildered the world with plastic substitutes for food before …

Now there’s plastic rice, believe it or not!

Plastic eggs is old news, now it’s plastic rice. It has been circulating the Asian market lately, also India, Indonesia and Singapore.

The latest on plastic rice has been seen on the media on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Unfortunately it is reported that this fake rice is found in well known brands too. People have complained about stomach pain, bad digestion and gastritis.

The problem with this rice is that it goes undetected because it is mixed with the original rice. Namely, according to the “International Business Times”, it is a mixture of synthetic resin, potatoes and sweet potatoes. Mind you, synthetic resin is poisonous!

It has been circulating in the markets of Taiyuan, Shaanxi and looks like the original rice.


The Malaysian Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry stated that such rice has not entered their market. Even if it has entered, it would probably be sold in small shops, not in the supermarkets.

So how can you avoid the consumption of plastic-tainted rice?

Plastic rice which is mixed with potatoes, sweet potatoes and Chinese polymer is similar to natural rice and it can hardly be distinguished from mere appearance. However, when it is cooked, the rice is always difficult and soups from its sides, forming a plastic sheath, which burns like plastic when burned

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