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Finally! Scientist Explains Exactly How THC Completely Kills Cancer Cells

The truth about cannabis plant cancer healing powers

In the following video you will be  amazed from the presentation of Dr. Sanchez from the Compultense University in Madrid, Spain.

Namely, the THC ( key psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant) totally destroys cancer cells.

The cannabis plant is mainly made of Cannabinoids which consist of cannabinols . The body has canabinoid receptors which are activated from cannabinols.  Further on, the body makes endocannabinoids , which are very important in many processes inside the body in order to establish a healthy environment. I think that cannabis has proved to be successful in treatment of  cancer with no psychoactive effects whatsoever.

christinaCannabinoids are very strong in immune system repairing and improving . It is not all the cannabis strains that have the same properties or qualities to fight cancer, however the number of satisfied patients using cannabis is significant due to faster cancer cell reduction. It should be very clear that the effect of cannabis is not positive by smoking! Instead it should be known that the effects of this plant are therapeutic if taken in a form of oil or just simply eaten.

This plant is sadly known as only bad for people’s health. On the contrary there are many good sides of this plant if people give it a chance to prove its capability of shrinking cancer cells. It is important that it is not suggested as chemotherapy. The healing powers of this plant are a reality that should be positively talked about. Do not hesitate to spread the news!

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