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How To Get Rid Of A Headache In Only 3 Minutes Without Using Drugs!

We all have headaches, some severe, some minor, some are even debilitating. They all drain our energy. Usually the easiest way out of this are pain killers. But, keep in mind, they all destroy our health: the kidneys, the stomach, the liver and cause other health complicating consequences too.

Let us think of other ways that can ease pain without destroying vital organs. Massage maybe?  How about pressing with a towel?

headecheHere’s how it works.

Role the towel around the head in a spiral fashion. It will massage your aching head from the upper shoulders to the neck, all the way to the forehead.  Use both hands to tighten and release the towel. Do not release completely! Keep it rolled and make rhythmical movement. It is very important to tighten enough, not too much! It goes like this: role, keep tight, un role a little. 3 – 5 minutes and relax… repeat again after 10 minutes.

This kind of massage is very easy to perform. A towel, not thick and fairly long so that you can make spiral roles a bit over the head. This kind of massage provides relaxation and initiates better circulation by sending the oxygen from the blood to the brain to feed it better.

Headache mainly comes from a bad neck, wrong posture, stress, exhaustion,dehydration. A blocked nerve or vertebrae makes pain hard to alleviate.

When the headache is persistent, try mint tea combined with this massage. Mint tea is famous for relaxation.

Always keep in mind: When the headache starts, never wait! Act instantly or it will get worse soon!

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