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Why Is This Hidden from the Public: Top 10 Causes of Cancer That We Use Daily!

It is well known that the pharmaceutical industry has kept secrets and profited billions from this illness. Luckily there are alternative web pages that publish secrets revealed from scientists and investigators.

Here’s a list of ten most dangerous secrets that have been kept away from the food and pharmaceutical industry

Hormones in meat and milk:

Most domestic animals are fed with artificial hormones in order to produce optimal   amount of milk and meat. Artificial hormones cause inflammation, depression, cancer, and other diseases.

cancerMammography, dental X-rays, scanners at airports:

Are you the mammography technician forgot to tell to pass the protective SWITCHES across his chest before he ran out of the office? Yes, it is a deadly rays that cause cancer, and you have come to help you prevent or react in time.

Aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants (and chemtrails):

Most breast cancer occurs in its upper quadrant, in the armpits, right where we apply deodorants full aluminum. Use homemade or organic deodorants.

Toxic cosmetics:

The skin is our largest organ that we “treat” with various lotions and decorative cosmetics filled with petroleum, coal tar, alcohol, aluminum and mercury. The skin absorbs fast all these harmful materials straight in the blood stream which feeds cancer cells. It is time to use homemade skin care.

GMO soy and corn:

The soy milk benefits are now a myth… The best milk by far is organic cow milk, rice milk or almond milk. Soy milk contains hema glutinin that causes blood clots. In addition, soy increases estrogen.

Most soy in America is genetically modified, and if you are a fan of soy milk, switch to another because now is a good time.

Artificial sweeteners:

Aspartame is the main ingredient of artificial sweeteners . This very dangerous material is an  industrial  secrets kept from the public for years. It is found in almost every sweet product , chewing gums, loly pops, candies and sweets for children. It is a basic sweetener for products and   medication for diabetic patients. Stay away from it and turn to wheat malts, stevia, maple syrup, honey or raw organic sugar.

Fluorisane water:

No, this is not a mineral found in nature or purified water passing through the pipe. Fluoride Bactually pollutes  the water and washes minerals  away from our body and weakens the immune system. Drink spring water.

Medicines, Vaccines:

Look for an honest doctor who will give advice on lifestyle and nutrition as prevention of cancer. Stay away from the drugs advertised by renowned brands whose only goal is profit.

Artificial food coloring and preservatives, additives:

Almost every artificial food coloring is produced in the laboratory. Mighty, preservatives literally suffocate your cells and transform them into cancer cells. Turn to the colorful organic fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, seeds. It’s healthy, and makes the plates look beautiful … Do not buy things from boxes and cans.

Commercial soaps, shampoos, pastes, creams:

And again, what is applied to the skin, hair or teeth ends in your bloodstream. Perfumes, dyes, animal by-products and other questionable ingredients can cause cancer. By natural products . The skin likes natural products. There is a saying, “ Do not give your skin what you shouldn’t eat”.


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