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Warning! 7 food products to NEVER reheat! They are a real threat to you and your loved ones (if reheated)

Don’t we all want to keep our food and have the leftovers either because we don’t want to cook the next day or maybe because it’s our favorite meal? But do we know what may and may not be reheated and why not?

Here are the top seven foods you are never to reheat

  1. Spinach

Eat only when fresh cooked. Nitrates transform into Nitrites when spinach is heated again. Nitrites are cancer causing material. 


  1. Celery and carrots

Celery and carrots are popular in soups and salads. They contain nitrates and like in spinach they go into Nitrites when warmed up or reheated.  Eat your celery and carrots fresh or if you need to reheat the soup take them out and put them back in the soup after you have reheated it.

  1. Beets

These super healthy vegetables contain Nitrates and if reheated they transform into poisonous food( Nitrites) . They can be really bad for the body.

  1. Potato

These are the most used vegetables from the past centuries to the present day. Potatoes should be consumed fresh, baked or in any other cooked form. Every delayed consummation, or reheating only makes potatoes not healthy to consume.

  1. Eggs

Absolutely not! Do not reheat! Eggs should not be reheated to consume. Only fresh boiled, cooked or fried.

  1. Chicken

Chicken is already very bad for eating even after two hours! It breaks down really fast. The chicken meat is rich in proteins more than the red meat. The proteins change during the time after the chicken has been cooked. It is advised that chicken should better be eaten cold for the second time. If you want it warmer, then warm it up for a longer time in low temperature.

  1. Mushrooms

We saved the most dangerous for the end. Eat only fresh cooked mushrooms. In case you have to eat them after a day, you should only eat them cold. If mushrooms are reheated, they will give you indigestion and difficulties with your heart.

Please be careful what kind of food you reheat. Health wise it’s not worth it. It is wiser to cook less so there won’t be anything left to reheat.

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