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Believe It or Not, Use Only Frozen Lemons And Say Goodbye To Tumors, Diabetes and Cholesterol!!!

This interesting way of using lemons came from a creative mother. She tried it spontaneously and it became quite the spice she needed. She uses it on salads, tea, soup, spaghetti, noodles, oats, desserts, rice and it tastes great with all of them. Not only is it great as spice, it has incredible healing powers too. What more can anyone want?

Lemons like all the other citrus fruits are consisted of limonoids and many other precious ingredients for our health. The limonoids can stop the growth and spreading of cancer cells such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and it is proved according to research that consuming lemons is great while on chemo-therapy. It acts as chemo therapy because limonoids have been compared to Adriamicyn,a medication given with chemotherapy and it turned out that the Lemon Tree has a higher effect for 10.000 times more.


This serves as one more proof that fruits are really good against breast cancer and other diseases. Especially the lemon peel.

The lemon peel and the freezing

Organic lemons are the best choice. The effect is complete only when they are organic.

Wash the lemons well and put them in a freezer. After they have frozen, shred them. Use the frozen lemon peel just as you use salt and pepper, it can be used with different food, sweet and salty. Soups, desserts, rice, tea, spaghetti, noodles and other food  you might discover.

We usually throw the lemon peel, not knowing of its content. The lemon peel is packed with vitamins up to 10 times more than the lemon inside. If the lemons are organic and clean, the effects are amazing on almost all health conditions from a simple cold or flu to cancer. It can prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Lemons are a basic food and that’s key to fighting cancer. They improve anxiety and mood swings. Their anti parasitic, anti microbial, anti fungal and anti bacterial as well as anti oxidant properties are irreplaceable.

It is a proved fact that lemons are 10.000 times more successful than chemotherapy. From the 1970s, a lot of studies have been conducted related to cancer. 20 of them are about the Effects of Lemons On Cancer Cells, including 12 other illnesses affecting the colon, prostate, pancreas, lungs and breast.

The lemon tree is more effective in treating cancer for 10.000 times more than Adriamycin, which is given as a part of chemotherapy for prevention of cancer cell growth.

This does not mean that patients should not chose chemotherapy. It is wise to use lemons because of their real power against many illnesses. All it does is only good to the body.

It is believed that lemons can eradicate malignant cells and tumors. The lemon extract directly kills only malignant cells not effecting the healthy cells of the body at all.

Like other natural healing products, lemons too are not favored by the classic medicine. Profiting from chemotherapy cannot be compared to selling lemons even though they offer a better alternative.

In conclusion, use organic lemons to prevent any occurrence of disease. Use it regularly fresh or frozen.

Source: www.fhfn.org


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