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Cancer Treatment with Sodium Bicarbonate according to Dr. Simoncini and Jim Kelmun

Usual cancer treatment costs around $100. 000. Natural methods cost nothing and don’t hurt the patient’s body plus  perform much better.

That’s the reason why patients choose natural ways to fight cancer. In the following lines you can read about cancer survivors that have used Sodium Bicarbonate only and some combined with maple syrup.

Be as it may, cancer is a hard illness to cure and the treatment should be at all times monitored and administered by an alternative doctor, experienced in this matter.

Dr.Simoncini the famous Italian oncologist, recommended aluminum free baking soda for cancer treatment. No other substances were recommended.

Dr-Tullio-Simoncini (1)Sodium bicarbonate is alkaline and  lowers the acidity level in the blood and by doing so I is a great fighter against cancer because cancer thrives in a acidic environment.  What in fact feeds cancer and other bad viruses and bacteria is indeed Candida. This fungi thrives in acidic environment too and by doing so it is a base for every disease. This is important to keep in mind. If Candida is under control, than Cancer is under control too. Sodium Bicarbonate will destroy both cancer and Candida .

Sodium bicarbonate , best choice ever for cheap prices

A successful way of dealing with stomach cancer, intestines, rectum and mouth cancer:

All you will need is baking soda and water.

For a month you should have a teaspoon of soda and a glass of water morning and night. First thing in the morning, last thing at night. The cancer should disappear within three to four weeks. Do not use this treatment for more than 4 weeks.!

The  Simoncini’s therapy can also be administered intravenously or by injection.

For the intravenous treatment:

Take 500 ml of 5%sodium bicarbonate intravenously for six days and then stop. Rest for the other six days. Then use it again for six days and stop again.  You should take 24 infusions in total. After that you should visit the doctor and get checked. There should be positive answers.

Therapy with baking soda and maple syrup by dr.Jim Kelmun

Dr. Jim Kelmun is a  doctor of conventional medicine. He made his own cure for cancer and shared it with cancer patients.. Most of them were in their final level.  After the treatment the majority won the battle with cancer and lived for many years.


“Other doctors have told me, that we have less than 6 months. But Dr. Jim gave me this recipe and for several months the cancer had disappeared, which was confirmed by imaging. “

The paradox in this matter is that people know that sugar feeds Candida and Candida feeds Cancer. But sugar combined with Baking Soda acts differently. Sugar opens the cells, but Baking Soda enters and destroys the cancerous cells. Now this is best combination ever! This is why sugar has a deserved place in this treatment.

Maple syrup is a great idea for using natural sugar with Sodium bicarbonate.

The recipe:

  • One part baking soda with three parts maple syrup. Mix them and heat in low temperature for 10 minutes.
  • 3 tsp a day for 1 – 2 months
  • No sugar (except maple syrup), meat and white flour

The fact is that cancer cells cannot survive in conditions of high oxygen levels in the blood. Studies have already confirmed that soda really affects the PH balance of cancer cells.

“The treatment with sodium bicarbonate can be carried out orally, via aerosol, intravenously, or via a catheter, to be able to act directly on cancer” – tells Tullio Simoncini. “Such therapy may be effective in treating many tumors, or other serious types of tumors – such as cancers of the brain or bones – unfortunately, remain intact by  this kind of therapy.”

How to fight Candida:

–    Citrofit

–    Alkaline Diet

–   Anti-Candida Diet

–   Garlic (capsules)

–   Lactobacillus acidophyllus

–  Candida Yeast (homeopathic remedy)

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