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Cannabis treats leukemia – Doctors Make Public a teenage case study

This is a detailed study, conducted recently in Toronto Canada by Dr. Yadvinder Singh, MD and Chamandeep Bali, ND

This study proves that if cannabis in the form of “hemp oil” is given to Leukemic patients it can treat this disease effectively. It can also help against other types of cancer.

The teenager was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia with a Philadelphia chromosome mutation. The chromosome mutation makes it even more destructive.

The patient received standard treatment of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants. Unfortunately this kind of therapy had devastating effects on the patient. After the unsuccessful treatment, the parents chose to treat their child with alternative methods of healing. They chose “hemp oil”, or cannabinoids  as their last resort. It was administered orally.

cannabis treats leukemia

The hemp oil acted fast, as the blast cell counts rose fast. These cells in this case of Leukemia do not mature within the bone marrow and that results in poor blood cell counts and different types of Leukemia.

It is sad that the teenager didn’t make it…Chemotherapy destroyed the blood cells instead of helping blood cells restore. This is another standard procedure victim.

As reported by Hematology/Oncology at SickKids Hospital:

“At admission her total WBC was 1.4, hemoglobin was 82, platelet count 8,000. She was profoundly neutropenic… a prior history of pancolitis documented by CT scan in March 2009 was neutropenic colitis with perforation… her abdomen was distended and obviously had some signs of diffuse peritonitis. The abdomen X-ray was in favour a perforation…she passed away at 10:05 in the present (sic) of family…”

In conclusion, the cannabinoids helped  improve the patient’s condition and the kept blast cell counts under control.

The doctors said:

“It goes without saying that much more research and, even more importantly, phase clinical trials need to be implemented to determine the benefits of such therapies. Laboratory analysis is critical to figure out the constituents/profiles/ratios of the vast cannabis strains that show the most favored properties for exerting possible anticancer effects.”

The doctors made it clear that the case was thoroughly studied and documented in search of better treatment for such cases. It is time to seriously consider the positive effects of cannabinoids and open doors to this natural product regardless the bad name it has.

The present chemotherapy treatment is devastating. The patients must have alternative options that would be administered in the near future if only conventional medicine understands that it is not helping the suffering patients. The “hemp oil” helps against cancer!

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