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Do this thing once and forget about any diseases all winter! It is worth to try

On the condition of your immunity depends the work of all organs and systems

When a person becomes ill, after being undernourished, constantly is subject to stress or living in adverse conditions, the protective function of the body decreases.

To restore the power of the body takes a long time. Therefore, if you want to boost the immune system as soon as possible, try this simple and easy way! Maybe it is not the most pleasant, but undeniably effective!

foot bath

How is it done:

1. Pour into a bowl cold water and add ice cubes.
2. The water should be sufficient so as to reach the ankles.
3. Put both legs in a bowl for 10-15 seconds.
4. If you think even those 10 seconds seem like an eternity, turn aside your mind as you watch TV or listen to your favorite music
5. After 15 seconds, dry your feet and put warm woolen socks and go to bed.
6. Once you feel that you are warmed, remove socks.

Cold foot bath is recommended by Sergei Bubnovski, physiotherapist. To strengthen the immune system by this method is sufficient to repeat the process every day at bedtime. During a cold or the flu can make these baths every four hours. Do not think that your condition will worsen, on the contrary, the immune system reacts strongly to such stress and will be able to quickly cope with the disease.

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