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Five Troubling Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Part Of The 90% OF AMERICANS WHO USE MICROWAVES

Microwaves are used a lot all over the world, but the number of 90% of Americans is indeed stunning. This information is taken from – The Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communication and Computation (SMECC). It is a fast way to heat or defrost, or sometimes disinfect certain things but it still remains a dangerous appliance that causes not only explosions in the kitchen, but also in the food content too. We may not see what really happens to the food because we can only see that much.

Never the less not many of us know how a microwave really functions and what it actually does to the food.

Despite the many facts presented by scientists, the microwaves continue to be considered not dangerous by certain groups. It is important to know that the food heated in a microwave is almost useless to eat and the individuals around this appliance are at serious danger of the bad effects the waves can cause in the heart rate and the body in general.


1. They destroy the nutrients of the food.

The waves travel through the water and the other compounds causing friction among them in order to heat. On this journey the waves destroy nutrients and change the molecular structure. This makes the body have a hard time digesting the food .A possibly good food gets wasted…

2. Microwaves Destroy Breastmilk and the Vitamin B-12

This vitamin is essential to the brain nerves, proper nerve function, DNA and blood cells. Microwaves contribute to 30 – 40 % loss B-12 vitamin in meat and milk.


This study published in Pediatrics revealed that by heating breast milk in a microwave, dangerous bacteria like E – Coli can grow up to 18 times more.

3. Cancer is caused by microwaves

When microwaves are combined with plastic used for heating ,than the deadliest combination ever is produced. It is important to mention that the Russian Government has issued a warning to the nation about the harmful effects of the microwaves. The toxins like BPA , PET, benzene, toluene and xylene are released from the plastic due to microwaves.

4. Microwaves affect the blood cell count of red and white blood cells

Although the clinical study has been conducted on only eight people in Switzerland, the results are frightening and should be taken very seriously.

Namely, this group of eight people had  fruits, vegetables, milk, meat and other dairy products heated in a microwave. The red blood cells decreased while the cholesterol and the white blood cells increased significantly.

5. Heart rate can be affected by microwaves

These news were revealed by a doctor from Ontario Canada. Dr. Magda Havas studied the radiation of the microwaves and their negative effect on the heart rate and the heart rate variability. The radiation is immediate and striking. People that eat such food most of the time should stop, because many experience pressure in the chest and irregular heart beat.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

Source: http://www.davidwolfe.com/stop-using-microwaves/

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