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If You Often Have Bloating, These Are Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

When a person has overeaten, or is lactose intolerant, there may be cases swollen belly and  it’s not so serious. However, bloating can causes cancer.

How to know the difference?

Take a look at some of the diagnoses associated with dangerous and severe flatulence.

Weight loss

If you lose weight suddenly and you have not changed your diet or physical activity, this is something that should bother you.

May be a warning for bowel cancer or tumor.

bloated stomach


If you have gained weight and waist extending can suffer from ascites. This is the result of excessive amounts of fluid, which is secreted in the stomach. Usually indicates liver disease. Jaundice (the skin and whites of the eyes begins to turn yellow) combined with swelling of the stomach, are the warning signs of cancer.

However, you not should always think of cancer. It can be hepatitis. Or if you suffer from severe and sudden pain in the abdomen, which occurs with nausea and bloating may mean that you have a tumor or blockage caused by scar tissue. Severe pain can come in waves, such as the food in the intestine and like worn as the food through obstacles, causing pain.

Vaginal bleeding – If there is bleeding between periods or after menopause, which may be associated with flatulence. This is not an indication of a serious disease most of the time and can be a manifestation of irregular menstruation, hemorrhoids, endometrial atrophy or fibroids. To exclude gastrointestinal, pelvic, or urinary tract infection you should check your blood.

The most serious cause of bloating:

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women. Constantly swollen abdomen, pelvic pain and a feeling of early satiety are some of the events. Age group paneled of highest risk is over 50 years.

Uterine cancer – abnormal vaginal bleeding that is watery and bloody, or pelvic pain during urination or sex, bloating are some of the symptoms of this cancer.

Colon Cancer – If in the beginning, it causes constant bleeding and bloating, and may deteriorate. However, there may be only symptoms, if at the end or in the middle of the colon.

Pancreatic cancer – this track has the highest mortality rate and this is the worst option. Bloating, accompanied by jaundice, weight loss, loss of appetite, weight loss and pain in the upper part of the body, accompanied with diabetes are some of the events.

Stomach Cancer – shows no symptoms in the beginning it can reach a dangerous stage, before being diagnosed. Some of the events are indigestion, bloating, feeling of fullness. Weight loss and nausea can be one of the symptoms.

The main reason for this type of cancer are Helicobacter Pylori bacteria.

Liver disease,which is usually benign, but because the blood is filtered through it, and the cancer cells are found in the blood, the cells can be transferred to other organs. Bloating, together with ascites are one of the factors. It develops among people who drink a lot of alcohol or have hepatitis.

Diverticulitis, combined with a number of conditions, such as temperature, bloating, abdominal pain and accompanied by constipation or diarrhea.
Pelvic inflammatory condition occurs when the ovaries pipes are contaminated by sexually transmitted diseases, chlamydia or gonorrhea. It can happen during the abortion or child-birth. The most common treatment is by antibiotics.

Crohn’s disease – a disease which affects the digestive system. The most common manifestation is swelling of the abdomen, and can lead to blockages, accompanied by nausea, weight loss, hematuria.

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