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Taller people at greater risk of cancer

Cancer has been the main interest of many scientific health studies from a long time ago. But there haven’t been such voluminous studies as for example the one conducted from the Swedish Military to 5.5 million people born between 1938  to 1991.

It is quite interesting to mention that they found a link between cancer and taller people. This was an extensive research by all means, they even calculated the growth and the risk of cancer in every 10 cm ( 4 inches)of height.

For every 4 inches (10 cm) the risk of having cancer grew for 18% in women, while for man it grew for 11%.

tall-risk of cancer

The down side of this research is that they did not take under consideration their diet, obesity, stress, smoking or maybe drinking habits. Many other things have to be considered and only then a research can be of value. Height might be related to cancer but let’s keep it clear that it relates to the hormones of growth and the way they act in the body. This study has been presented in a conference because of its long and voluminous research, after all 5,5 million people are an astounding number.

Professor Mel Graves of the Institute of Cancer Research, relates this theory with the hormones of growth. It was shown in previous studies that people with dwarfism had a low rate of cancer on the contrary to taller people. The same research is conducted on mice who were genetically engineered to produce more hormones of growth and less of the same. It showed that the ones who were taller had a higher rate of cancer than the smaller mice.

The newest research also has it flaws. The information is considered old because it has been decades now and the people were not checked for smoking, sun exposure, poor diet, obesity, drinking habits and the place they lived in.

“In general, I would caution against interpreting a link as causal – however for height and cancer there is considerable evidence that suggests that the link is not explained by other known factors,” says Dr Jane Green from the University of Oxford. “Clearly, adult height is not itself a ’cause’ of cancer, but is thought to be a marker for other factors related to childhood growth.”

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