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10 Foods Made In China You Must Avoid! (Filled With Plastic, Pesticides And Cancer Causing Chemicals)

The past few years almost everything is made in China and brought to USA. It is clear though why and who benefits from this. Well it is not the common people that benefit, that is for sure because these imported food products are cheap for those who make business and very expensive for those who buy them. In fact the consumers pay the highest cost and that is with their lives. These products contain plastic, believe it or not and cancer causing pesticides and chemicals.

Here is the list of 10 infamous food products from China

1. Tilapia Fish

This fish lives in the bottom of the waters and feeds on everything that lies there. Knowing the pollution of China’s waters , air and land it is clear what it eats. 80% of tilapia imported in the USA is from China. It is said that Tilapia is as nutritious as” bacon”.

food fish

2. Cod Fish

The American Cod is imported from China in the amount of 50 %. It is banned to export from China due to the water pollution, but still it makes it to the USA.

3. Apple Juice

More than a half of the amount of apple juice in the USA is imported from China. Knowing the level of pollution and the excessive usage of pesticides this type of juice should not be used at all. Try homemade juice from organic apples.

34% of all processed mushrooms come from China. Because they are grown in improper conditions one should choose American or Canadian mushroom farms.  

5. Chinese Garlic

Watch for the shape, weight and the color. 31% of garlic in America is imported from China. Methyl bromide (among others) is used as a pesticide and that makes them dangerous enough. Buy American local products from trusted farmers and consume the strongest natural medicine safely.  If you are interested to see how the American garlic and the Chinese ones looks, see the following pictures.


6. Chicken

Let’s not forget the bird flue and the poor( is the nicest word to say) conditions in which everything is grown or produced in China. It is not just the pollution that is enormously high there, but also the neglect of hygiene that brings food generated diseases.

In 2013,the US Department of Agriculture accepted the import of Chinese chicken.

7. Plastic Rice

It was amazing when the news struck everyone in the social media. Plastic rice, the idea of making it is insane to just think of.  This rice has been found in trusted brands even. It has probably made it to our tables as we are speaking.

You will know that you are cooking the plastic rice because it will not grow as the usual rice does when cooked. It will stay firm and smell bad. Now if there is a choice between plastic rice and GMO rice, choose non !


8. Black Pepper Mud

Yes believe it or not there is such a thing too, in China of course. A man was caught selling mud, dried mud for black pepper. Even though he was caught, still check what you are buying.

9. Industrial Salt

This salt has already made it to our kitchens. Be careful and look at the label.  If it is from China think again… The problem is that it can cause stroke and heart attack.


10. Green Peas

Yes, fake green peas too.. .Together with soy beans, snow peas, colored with green dye and metabisulfite which is a chemical used to bleach.

You will know you are boiling these green peas when they color the water green and stay firm.

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