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Careful how you maintain your personal intimate hygiene

It is essential that you maintain the proper acidity of the organ itself and not use soaps or gels no matter how much they are advertised or beautifully scented .

Never use soap in the inner part of the intimate organ!
This inner part should be cleaned with cleaning agents that contain Lactobacilus bacteria. This Lactic bacteria is the best by now to protect the vagina from viruses and harmful bacteria and also maintain its flora and PH balance.

Rinse with water only
The best you can do is wash only with water and not over dry. Wear only cotton underwear. Every day pads are not a good idea at all. It is best to frequently change underwear rather than use every day pads. They are the main reason behind yeast and other bacteria spreading in the vagina.


Be careful with soap
It is strictly forbidden to use any kind of soaps. If you by some reason really want to use soap or gel, than please choose one that is PH safe for the proper acidity maintenance, such as olive oil soap that is also hydrating as well.

Rinse once a day
Rinsing once a day is a myth. You can rinse as often as you urinate with water only! Dry as usual with toilet paper.

Steam cleaning is not a wise choice eitherIt is not approved by doctors despite its popularity. It is more harmful than healing or scenting.

Do not use gloves or a sponge
NO sponges of any kind because they are never really clean no matter what! Gloves should not even be considered an option!

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