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Elixir to Help Clear Your Lungs, Best for Smokers

Everyone knows how damaging smoking is. The smokers know best how bad they feel with the breathing difficulties and the loss of energy. Despite all the warnings and facts that cancer and heart attack is caused by smoking, smokers continue to smoke…

Some people get bronchitis months after starting smoking, some later, some don’t but they all suffer consequences for sure one way or the other. All you got to do is Quit Now!
In the mean time start cleansing your lungs from all the toxins and the tar the cigarettes have left behind.


Are you aware that…

Smoking leaves a mess behind. Cancer is always ready to strike. Not always the lungs are the target. There is cancer in the throat, in the mouth and all the other places of the body where oxygen doesn’t reach properly because of the smoking. The body needs time to heal and clean itself. It is best if you help with great natural ingredients that have the power to clean and detoxify.

It’s time to take action

By now you should be motivated more than ever. Your whole being needs to breath, every cell in you wants to live! A clean chest, clean blood, means oxygen running freely. Infections have less chances to thrive in a throat and a chest that is clean from the excessive mucus. Get rid of that disgusting sticky slurp you experience after every breath you take. The best way is to prepare homemade recipes from the following ingredients.

How to Clean Your Lungs

The Five Ingredients
• Ginger: This is a natural heater, it warms you up, speeds circulation, cleans away all toxins and the secretion of the lungs. This excellent gift of nature will not let you down. It is the basic ingredient of the syrup.
• Onion: It is used widely in syrups of this kind, to help mucus get out of the chest easier. It also cleans the blood and increases the immune system.
• Turmeric: It is top rated among spices. It is abundant in vitamins, minerals, omega – 3 fatty acids which help against viruses, harmful bacteria and cancer.
• Honey – This is the gold of nature, the best there is to keep the taste and the quality of the drink. Rich in all needed anti bacterial, anti viral, anti oxidant, vitamin and mineral ingredients to help the body fight, heal and rejuvenate.
• Water – The best drink there is in the world. It is a transporter of all the mentioned ingredients.

Ingredients and procedure

Lung-Cleaning Elixir  for this recipe, you will need the following:
• Onions – 1kg ( 35 oz.)
• One kilogram of onion
• Ginger root – small and peeled
• One small ginger root, peeled
• Water – 1 l ( 4 cup)
• One liter of water
• Honey 400 gr ( 14 oz.)
• grams of hone
• Turmeric – small and peeled
• START like this
• First step – boil the water and the honey in a pan
• Second – add the shredded onions and ginger
• Third – After the mix boils, add turmeric
• Fourth – Lower the heat and simmer until the mass reduces in half and pour into a glass jar .After it cools keep refrigerated .

Take twice a day on an empty stomach. In the morning take two table spoons and don’t eat anything for half an hour.
In the evening, take two tbsp two hours before dinner

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