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Honey as a Natural Wound Healer

Over the centuries honey has kept its well deserved place in classic and popular medicine for treating hundreds of diseases and conditions. There are countless recipes that are widely used with various combinations where honey is a basic ingredient. Be it skin conditions, internal problems with digestion or respiratory difficulties, psychological and hormonal disorder, various mineral, vitamin or iron deficiency , there is no ending to the illnesses that honey can cure and treat.

This article is more on skin wounds and the antibacterial properties of honey.

The way honey cures

honey wounds

The best thing about honey is that it heals without damaging. It can kill only the harmful bacteria and the microbes produced from the fungus and the infections of the skin and also the internal infections.

Hydrogen peroxide – is produced from honey in situations when a glucose oxidase enzyme reaction occurs because of the thinning property of the wound liquid that comes out of the wound This liquefies the honey. All this is done slowly in order not to cause any damage to the local issue while killing bacteria.

High osmolality– This is an amazing strong side of the honey. It has the ability to absorb the water out of the microorganisms’ cells thus stopping their growth. It can do this because it is an extra saturated sugar solution.

Antibacterial phytochemicals– the antibacterial nature of the honey does not depend on the hydrogen peroxide only, it has phytochemicals that can fight bacteria and fungus very successfully. Such is the Manuka tree honey.

What can honey help cure
The main focus here is to point out the antimicrobial and antiseptic nature of the honey that is a strong reason to use it for external skin care healing. It is great in open wounds that are tough to heal, ulcers ,burns and infections that do not respond well to medicines in diabetic people.

Manuka Honey
This honey is special and is FDA approved in 2007 for its strong healing properties.
Not every honey you can buy is of a good quality. You should know that therapeutic honey is pure natural. In treating wounds honey should be natural and Manuka honey is considered the best for this purpose.

The procedure of applying honey on wounds and scars
At first you should always seek medical help from a doctor. The information below is how to naturally take care of your wounds and scars after you have been checked from the doctor or when the medicine given by the doctor does not respond well.

Please read the following lines:
• In cases of serious infection and deeper scars or wounds there is a need of a bigger amount or a thicker layer of honey applied on the damaged place and then on the pad.
• When the wound is active and there is a secretion coming out, the honey gets thinner and becomes more liquid.This means there is a need of a change of the dressing pad. If the scar or the wound is recovering, then there is less changing because there is less material coming out.
• The stronger the infection, the more honey will be needed.
• The pad should be sanitary, sterile and it is advisable to put honey onto it and then apply to the scar or the wound.

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