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She Put Her Hands in Apple Cider Vinegar Twice a Week, You Will Not Believe What Effect is Achieved!

Only those who really suffer from joint pain, know how it is like to live with the struggle. It influences your life in many ways, in you every day chores, your job, it even makes you depressed. As the weather changes they swell and hurt.

Having pain killers is a waste for the liver and the kidneys. It is not a good solution.

The proper diet with anti-inflammatory food and low in fat and acid gives promising results. But that all takes much more time than this amazing simple thing we all have in our kitchens.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This product is very famous in healing and treating many health conditions. It can be used as a drink or it can be applied on the painful place as well.
Arthritis is a hard illness to battle with. It can be caused by the way of living or it can be hereditary. The following case is caused by the job the woman has been working for a long time and poor diet.


Anna H. was a typist and that must have led to the condition. She used a lot of pain killers and other anti-inflammatory drugs, but that only gave a momentary solution. So she tried natural alternative ways to treat it.
The doctor suggested Apple Cider Vinegar, proper food and a change of lifestyle to help treat the joint pain.

She said that a person needs to be firm and not quit ,it will take two months for sure , but the results are there. At first this method of putting hands in Apple cider vinegar should be done three times a week before bed time and then after two months it can be reduced to two times. She also drank water with honey and apple cider vinegar for complete effect and it helped for many other conditions as well. The stiffness of the fingers and the tingling sensation will go away, she promises.

The properties of Apple Cider Vinegar are numerous and highly effective. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that sweeps away toxins from the body thus creating a better environment for the joints to heal.
You can consume it as a drink, or you can apply it on the painful joint.

Instructions on how to use and prepare

For a painful joint – mix a tablespoon of olive oil and two table spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar . Apply it on a cloth and put on the painful joint , or just rub the mixture with a gentle massage.

Curing Elixir
In 300 ml of water, put 3 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar. Drink it three times a day on empty stomach.
If you don’t like the taste, mix some juice, it will have the same effect.

You need a cup of apple cider vinegar and 6 cups of water . Pour into a deep bucket and soak your hands and feet in it.

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