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5 Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Still Nearby

Everyone losses someone through life. It is and always will be the hardest thing to live with.
Death is not The End. It is a new beginning for the ones that pass away. They sometimes want to be close to us as we want to be close to them and it really happens. At times they just visit and at times they come to warn us or they just want to full around. They are alive in another way.

Five ways you know they are here

1. Their smell
Sometimes it is as if their smell is just by your side, comes with the breeze and reminds you on their perfume and the smell of their favorite food too.

Feel them, embrace them and love them back as they love you.

2. Your dreams
In your dreams you are defenseless …you are open and relaxed. This is why the spirits come to you at this time to contact you, bring you news, warn you or just need a hug…


3. You lose your things
Have you had that moment when you could swear you left something just by your side and found it somewhere else?
Well they also want to have laugh and fool around a little. Feel the fun.

4. Odd thoughts and feelings
Sometimes thoughts cross your mind that are not typical of your way of thinking. It is as if someone else talks through you, to you.
And at times feelings come over you for no reason at all and you end up wondering what’s going on? Take some time to feel these feelings and resolve issues that bothered yours or your loved ones conscience. Forgive and let go…

5. Signs at the funeral.
A famous psychic, James Van Praagh says that our spirits attend our funerals. They are there comforting their loved ones telling them it is all right, but for the people it is too hard to cope with the situation and that’s why they do not receive the signs. Remember they are in a better place…
The best we can do for them is to speak highly of them with a lot of love. Please do not make the funeral very sad, it is OK for the spirits that we tell their jokes and mention funny anecdotes that only speak good about them. They will love it.

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