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Against Ear Pain – Grandmother Approved! Warm Sea Salt in a Sock

This old method is grandmother approved and great with no side effects from dangerous antibiotics and chemicals. It is all natural and quite effective. I have tried it myself when no antibiotic would do the job.

Whoever suffers from earache, knows how damn painful it can be.

I personally had middle ear infection. It seems there was nothing that could help.

Of course at some point antibiotics would do the job, but not always.

There are some alternative ways of dealing with earache, (not approved by the doctors and the pharmaceutical industry)that help a great deal and cost nothing. Long ago people treated  pain by their trusted methods.


This method does wonders! See what you need for it.

Apart from salt, we need white socks. The color is important because otherwise they may lose their color.


It is also important to have coarse salt. It should be raw, so it doesn’t flow down the sock. It should be filled with sea salt due to the specific chemical composition of this salt. 1 to 1.5 cups should be enough.

pain 1

Socks should be closed tightly, preferably with a double knot.

The package should be as big as the size of your palm. It should be put on the ear covering the jaw bone.

salt 2

Place the whole thing in a pan on medium heat. 4-6 minutes should be enough. It is best when the sock is turned regularly on both sides. Alternatively it can be heated in the microwave. This, however, is problematic because the salt does not evenly heat and it is difficult to assess how long stockings should remain in the microwave. Secondly, the fabric can be damaged and the salt may break out. Therefore, you need to put the sock in the microwave for 5 second intervals, which obviously takes a lot of time. The method in the pan is much better!


Please check the heat by your own hands first. Never apply on the ear without prior checking! It should be pleasantly warm, never hot!

sock with salt

We do not want to heat an inflamed ear. The warm salt should extract or pull out the pain, not do the contrary.

ear pain

Share this idea for children and adults. They will be saved from painful earache!

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