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Honey and Cinnamon Anti Acne and Dark Spots Face Mask

Dealing with acne is hard even after they are treated because of their red or dark traces they leave behind. The face looks bruised and tired and the feeling of having that look, is not what we want.

This mask can be used for acne treatment and for rejuvenating all types of skin.

For a sensitive skin with acne and spots you should only apply the mask, let it stay for ( 30 minutes) is best, but 10 minutes is ok if the  you don’t have the time. Rinse it with water and damp gently.

For a skin without acne and pimples, you can use this mask as a peeling mask too. Apply the honey and cinnamon on your face, let it stay for 30 minutes (for best results) and as you put your hand on your cheek, let it glue to the surface and just take it off your face lifting your palm first and then your fingers. You should do this gently.  Your face might get a little red but, it’s ok. Do the cheeks, the forehead, the chin, the neck and it would be great if you don’t forget your hands. They will be shiny and silky just like your face.

honey and cinnamon

The honey cinnamon face mask

Ingredients :  A tsp of honey and a tsp of cinnamon

Instructions  : Apply on the hole face or if you want only on the problem area. Let stay for 30 minutes ( best results), 20 is ok too. Be persistent for two weeks and you will have the desired results.

Side affects : Only if you are allergic to any of these substances, or if you have telangiecasis, rosacea and vascular issues on the skin. Honey makes the blood vessels get larger and these skin problems get worse if this honey mask is used.

No worries, you can use green clay as alternative ingredient and water in the same proportion.

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