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Spice that kills and the last microbe in your body

Especially magical, black cumin was used in Ancient Egypt

How would you react if we say that there is a seed, so much packed with healing compounds that diseases such as cancer and ulcers,in the same way and different chronic conditions have no chance? Like science fiction? Not at all.

Black cumin, have nothing to do with the cumin in general, is a particularly magical plant from Asia. Used as a panacea by the ancient Egyptians, the properties of Nigella Sativa (latin name) are so powerful that they can cure anything, except death.

So says the wisdom of the ancients.
If you have not heard about it, probably because the black seed (as is also called) is not mentioned in modern medicine. Why,we ask rhetorically.


Although regularly used as a folk remedy for centuries, black cumin is not used by modern pharmaceuticals. If you are tired of the standard medicine, this black seed is the very best thing you can do for yourself and your body.

From 1964 until now has at least 458 published scientific studies concerning black seed, according to GreenMedInfo.com. The results of these studies confirm this that the Eastern medicine and the South African cultures have known for centuries. Again according to the same page, the plant has these amazing properties: painkillers, anti-bacterial, anti-ulcer, anti-cholinergic, anti-hypertensive, antioxidant, antispasmodic, anti virus, hypotensive, antidiabetic and more!

Otherwise, know that black cumin scary relieves symptoms of acute angina. Moreover, it prevents any health problems in people working with chemical weapons. The good news does not end here – the black cumin helps patients addicted to opiates, relieves the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, cure type 2 diabetes, helps with asthma, reduces blood pressure, prevents epileptic seizures and eliminates fungi.

Many studies have shown that black seed is probably the most powerful natural weapon against cancer. Quite scientific tests have proven that the plant may help fight colon cancer, as well as other types of cancers. Preventative adoption of black cumin or black cumin oil is the key to health.

As there are a pleasant spicy flavor, black cumin can be sprinkled on various food and oil can be used in salads. Its seeds can be ground and added to the water to drink.

Especially curious is, that in the Old Testament the forefront is for a black cumin, even described manner for the extraction of oil from it.

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