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Stop A Bad Headache In Under 5 Minutes With Salt

To relieve severe headache you can use ordinary table salt. It is only necessary to prepare a compress with saline solution from it.

This pack has the ability to also normalize blood pressure. To do it, in the easiest way, fold gauze or bandage in 8 layers. The width of the bandage needs to match the width of the forehead, while the length – should match the circumference of your head.

Heat 250 ml ( one cup) of water on a temperature of 60-70 ° C and dissolve in it equally 2 teaspoons  of salt. You will get 8% of saline solution. With it you can rinse your forehead, ears and neck.

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Moisten thoroughly the prepared bandage with salt water and fasten onto the forehead,ears and on the nape, to hold the compress stable, you can also use a cotton scarf.

After that you can go to bed.
You will feel relief after only a few minutes, but do not rush to remove the compress. After removing the bandage, rinse your head with warm water.

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