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Why You Should Never, Ever Drink Water After Eating Hot Peppers

Ever wandered why does your mouth burn when eating hot peppers? A new video released by the American Chemical Society scientifically explains our body’s bio- chemical reaction .

Capsaicin in the peppers is to blame for causing the strong and painful reaction in our mouths. Namely this molecule binds to our pain receptors in the mouths and makes the brain react in such a manner that it organizes the body to get rid of the invader by making the nose run, the eyes teary and the body sweat and sometimes even sneeze and hiccup .

hot pepper

Can anyone tell how much a pepper is really hot? Well there is a scale of measurement called the Scoville scale to explain the intensity.

Capsaicin is a non polar molecule and as such it can be dissolved in non polar substances. Non polar molecules are not positively charged at one end and negatively charged at the other end.

Do not run for water , it is futile because it is not a non polar substance therefore it will not help put out the fire. Instead, have milk . Milk is a non polar substance and it is great to cool your mouth because it contains Casein which can remove the Capsaicin from the receptors in your mouth after you have had a Habanera or a Jalapeño.

To understand better, please watch the video released by the American Chemical Society.

Source: iflscience

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