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A cancer patient at last stage long since was supposed to be  dead, but he was cured of the treacherous disease with these two ingredients …

Ante Kresic from Croatia long since was supposed to be dead. He had lung cancer and therapy did not help him.

Instead of preparing for death, he continued to fight  …. Salvation he found in honey and herbs. 14 years ago, the doctors discovered malignant disease, which had been in the last stages – lung cancer. Subjected him to treatment, but without an effect. The doctors did not give him even a month to live. Their forecast did not come true.

After leaving the hospital Kresic,  met a woman from Bosnia, which told him a recipe,to stop cancer. The medication consisted of honey and ginger. Recently recipe gained great popularity.

“I left the hospital in April, and in the summer I have been a new person when I went to the doctor, they could not believe that I am still alive, and it’s even more – infatuated , when examined me,” said Kresic.

ginger and honey

Examination showed that the cancer is gone. Everyone who met him, they could not believe, that was suffering from cancer and then in the final phase, gladly said Kresic.

Today it surging of energy and fully believes that the recipe with honey, saved him. He shared it with the people around the world who are with this diagnosis. They come to him and share experiences together.

Croatian man says, it has many documents that can persuade the biggest skeptic in the incredible results of treatment with honey. Seeking salvation at this low price, can find hope in the natural method, assures Kresic.

Of the paintings in caves dating from the Iron Age, we know that honey was used for treatment before 8000 years. Ancient, 5000 years of Ayurvedic medicine assumes honey for “elixir of life” and divide it into 8 different types, each of which has an abundance of healing qualities.

In 2004, the BBC exploded with the news that honey helps in cancer: Researchers from the University of Zagreb found the bee products that stop tumor development in mice and calcify. “Probably the researchers were impressed by the treatment of Kresic that started to explore it,” commented the British TV journalists.

In the journal “Science of food and agriculturally” scientists reported in patients with cancer, which saved themselves with honey. To insure recommend to use natural means with toxic chemotherapy. Do not deny conventional medicinal methods to not endanger your career.

The team of Dr. Nadia Orshulich also works on the topic. Her people also found that bee products are useful in controlling the growth of the tumor. Ingestion of copper and its derivatives preventing the occurrence of cancer and metastasis. “These secondary tumors are often a consequence of radiotherapy and chemotherapy,” says medics.

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