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Amazing home remedy, you no longer need to buy medication for Blood Pressure – 1 Tablespoon …

82-year-old man, shared this home remedy for high blood with anyone who has a problem!

Amazing home remedy for high blood freed up this 82-year-old, of the problem with hypertension four years ago. Recognizes that long ago knew the recipe – from his father, but never been tried, because he not believed in natural remedy and “nonsense”.

“Drugs have become very expensive, and with my pension nowhere.

I did not took only tablets for blood, but also for the heart, joints – At least now the pill for blood does not buy, but I take from this remedy – it is much inexpensive, yet useful. I grant anyone where problems come from the blood and over half of people of the village feel as new, “explains this old uncle.

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Medicine for high blood – unleash from the pills

This home medicine of old man for high blood pressure is not known to the general public, but proved amazing effective. It is works well for dilution of blood, and hence quick fix blood pressure.

Because long been known that high blood pressure or so-called hypertension, which is terribly dangerous if not treated in time, is associated with dense blood and leads to even terrible attack or stroke.

The recipe of old uncle, medicine for high blood pressure, helps the work of the heart, and also has outstanding properties for enhancing the immune system and improve the function of the liver.

The exact instructions for making the drug are:

Take five teaspoons of pine needles, two spoons peel of plain onion and two tablespoons of rose hips. That is all that is needed.

All these ingredients are put together in a liter of water – cold and put on the stove until the water boils. After the boil, turn off the heat but leave the mixture to boil for another ten minutes. Then leave it to cool and then strain.

“Drink this amount for two days, either in the morning, lunch or dinner, do not use such schemes as accurate as modern, drink when you are thirsty – .. In a small cup, but before a meal, so they work better. As I finished my drink , I made a second and again two days to drink,”explains this uncle

The course of treatment with this home remedy for high blood pressure is four months, as then a break and start again only for prevention, since from the hypertension already there was no trace.

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