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Do Not Ignore it! Refrigerator Magnets Could Be A Real Killer!

Fridge magnets and jewelry for decoration could be a real killer,if you have a weak heart, warning experts.

The type of magnets, which recently are used in commercial products such as
fridge magnets can cause interference to cardiac pacemakers and embedded devices for the heart, and the consequences can be fatal.

Experts warn, that it is sufficient to be distant at 3 cm from the magnet, to destabilize devices, which are of vital importance.

Emphasizes, that it is not about old iron magnets, that are with dark gray, but for a new generation of magnets with a shiny silver. They are modern because of their strong magnetic force and for reducing the cost of their production.

fridge magnets

Therefore they are often embedded in computer hard drives, headphones, speakers, but also toys, jewelery and even clothes.

Swiss researchers from the University Hospital in Zürich tested them at 70 patients, which they had a embedded devices for a heart.

Small magnets of 8 kg, bothered them, because they were placed 3 cm from them. When patients were slightly away from magnets, their equipment have returned to working in a normal rhythm.

The biggest danger for these people is, if they put in their clothes a badge, that contains this type of magnet. Prolonged exposure really may cost a lives.

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