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Here this natural supplement protects against skin cancer

Natural supplement, that gives yellow or orange of food products can help prevent of skin cancer, reports the website EurekAlert, referring to the US study.

Anatole ingredient, that is derived from achiote plant was used by the ancient Mayans as the body paint. Today, the annatto is widely used in food industry as an additive, gives the characteristic color of products such as butter, margarine or cheddar cheese.

In a study with mice at the University of Arizona have found that the compound in the additive of the annatto, known as Bixa orellana, preventing the formation of cancerous cells and protects against skin damage from ultraviolet radiation.


The compound does not destroy cancer cells, but firstly prevents for their formation, the researchers explain.

“Unity bixin serve as an internal protection against UV damage by activating protective mechanisms of the cells against the action of carcinogens. The discovery is unique, because it concerns a dietary supplement, not a sunscreen product,” the researchers wrote in the journal. “Free Radical Biology and Medicine” .

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