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Is it Madness? This Fruit KILLS CANCER Within Minutes!

This message acts as a bomb and gives hope to millions people:

Scientists have discovered a highly effective anti-cancer cure. Accidentally! Meanwhile, the new wonder drug has also been successfully tested on patients suffering from cancer.

These are the fruits that are currently on the first page of scientific publications.

kill cancer

They grow only in northern Australia and their name is “fontainea picrosperma”.
A research team noticed by chance during observations, that the animals are fed with the fruits with partisanship, and they spit out the seeds immediately. This awakens their curiosity and they decide to explore them.


This dog has a severe gangrene and on him is injected the drug. The result is astounding: after 15 days does not leave nothing of the ulcer! However, most of the scientists are surprised, how quickly, the extract of these fruits kill tumors. Visible changes occur even after five minutes. Typically, in the treatment of a tumor was observed only successful after a few weeks.

Has already declared readiness, the new drug is tested on humans.

Martina TOSO

Martina Toso had melanoma of the skin, which after taking EBC 46 (the medical name for the drug) are melted
Since then it has been diagnosed and successfully cured from cancer.

Skin Disease

At this stage, the drug was tested only in patients with melanoma. However, the efficiency of ECB-46 is limited so far, that the preparation works, when not yet been formed metastases and cancer has not spread. Furthermore, cultivation of the plant and the production of the preparation must be optimized and improved. Before the implementation of a large scale, there are no obstacles for now.


Finally, it seems that an effective remedy against cancer was found. Although, the cancer is very diverse and of course, the cure can not help in all cases, millions of people get a chance for the recover. How nice it would be, if suffering children can get a chance for a normal life …

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