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Massaging This Point Will Annihilate Stress, Help You Sleep Better And Slow The Aging Process.

The practice of reflexology has been around since 4000 B.C. it originated in China where the technique was used  to encourage better health and cure specific illnesses. The healers  understood our mechanics and how everything corresponded.

That’s how the healers understood that by putting pressure on specific points on the body they could enhance circulation, purge organs of infections, and even help treat distinct problems. It is said that we have thousands of touchpoints on our bodies.

Which Touchpoint Aids With Stress and Sleep?

A certain touchpoint aids in relieving stress, helps you sleep better, and calms aches and cramps typically having to do with menstruation. That specific touchpoint is called the San Yin Jiao touchpoint – or SP6. It can be found at the lower parts of the leg, four fingers over your ankle at the inside of your leg, right around the shin.

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To trigger this point, rub your hands together until they’re warm. Using two to  three fingers, press the San Yin Jiao touchpoint and massage mildly. After a while you can start to rub harder, but keep a slow pace.

What Can San Yin Jiao Do?

I’ve already said that this massage assists in relieving stress, lack of sleep, and cramps.  But it can do many other incredible things aswell. As a result of the connectivity of the body and the veins that pass through the San Yin Jiao touchpoint, massaging frequently increases the elasticity of your skin. Massaging this touchpoint also helps the spleen to work more adequately – this is the cause of your complexion’s improvement. Your spleen is in control of generating and abolishing blood cells, so when the San Yin Jiao is rubbed and triggered, your spleen restores blood cells at an exceptionally better rate. Blood cells carry oxygen, nutrients, and sustenance throughout the body.

Your Skin Will Be Gleaming

You’ll be improved in every way. You will have more sleep, reduced stress and revitalized skin, you can impress your family and friends. They’ll all think you just arrived from a vacation, even though you’ve been doing hard work the entire week.

This massage will also normalize your hormones, and improve your libido. And, if you’re trying to conceive, you should rub the San Yin Jiao to vitalize your ovaries and uterus.

For the best results, rub this touchpoint 10 minutes everyday in the evening.

What is The Point?

There isn’t  just one “touchpoint”, on the contrary there are lots! Wish to know about more touchpoints? Here are three touchpoints which are good for migraines and headaches that aren’t hard to locate, or hard to massage. Here’s a great article about “the six common touchpoints” to massage for six regular problems like back pain, the common cold, the flu, and indigestion. And these six touchpoints at the ear you can rub to calm your headaches, your heart, your throat, and plenty more!

Now locate these points and get to work! And never forget: massages are always better when there’s another person doing the rubbing– so find a friend and take turns!

Source: www.healthy-holistic-living.com

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