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What Type Is Your Face: Phone, Frow or Sugar Face?- and how to fix it immediately

After nearly a month of overeating during the holidays, not only from the waists we suffer. If you’ve noticed that your skin loose, wrinkled or spotted, you may have fallen victim to so-called “seasonal problems face.”

Whether “You have a phone face” left you with sagging cheeks and tension in the jaw or suffer from bland and vague “winter person,” your skin is like a minefield.

See what type of person you are – and how to fix it faster.


Time for the digital detox. Leave your smartphone or tablet and give some rest to the face and neck.



You are always online.
You are addicted to Facebook.
Constantly writing to someone.
You have poor posture.
Your jaw sag.
You have a double chin.
Notice wrinkles on your forehead.
You feel the tension in the jaw.
Your eyes are tired.
Your neck is stiff.

How to deal with it:

It is important to begin to fight the cause of the problem – we encourage you to take a break from the digital world for a few hours each day. The evening is a good time to start – turn off your phone to the temptation of constantly glowing screen and spend time doing something you enjoy – reading a book, take a walk, prepare dinner or meditate and collect his thoughts.

If your neck is stiff, few simple stretches can do wonders. Place your right hand on the left side of the head
and the left – at the base of neck and shoulders and gently pull your head to the right – you should feel a gentle stretch. Repeat to the other side and do this 5 times a day, morning and evening.

Moving large muscle that starts from the jaw and reaches the shoulder is very useful. Sit with your back straight, pull your lips and teeth to bend the edges of your lips down, opening your mouth slightly to activate the muscles of the jaw. Keep your lips tightly pressed to the teeth and tendons of your neck should be highlighted. Move the lower jaw up and down and make it the first five times a day and gradually increase the number of repetitions and get to ten.

For those of you who are already experiencing the effects of the phone on a sagging jaw, it is important to use cosmetic products for lifting and shaping, not only for humidification. Apply them in the jaw towards the heart, and not vice versa.

Food for thought:

Vitamin C, which is found in green leafy vegetables and berries is of great importance for the collagen – the most important thing for keeping skin firm and youthful appearance.

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