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Hold Your Thumb For 20 Seconds – You’ll Be Amazed What Happens …

Japanese healers of ancient times believed, that the hands are conductors of energy, that flows through the channels, flowing through the human body. According to them, we can relieve most of its ailments without medications, it is enough just to get to know a few simple tricks of reflexology

Individual areas in the hands of responsible organs in the body and by touch, you can target the energy flows in the desired direction.

The technique Jin-Shin-Jitsu is a practice that is closely related to meditation

The ancient art learn of massage on fingers, applying pressure on specific points in combination with breathing exercises and this causes the mind to a state that easily affects emotions and feelings.
It turns out, that the thumb is the main generator of fear, anxiety, frustration and uncertainty. Through massage and gently pressing the area, not only get rid of negative emotions, but also have a positive impact on certain bodies.
Find out which finger on what replies


Thumb – anxiety and headaches

The thumb is directly linked to anxiety and depression, as well as the work of the spleen and stomach. If you suffer from frequent headaches and you are prone to frequent nervosa, hold your thumb with the other hand and squeeze tight. Hold this position about 3-5 minutes so the effect on brain activity will be stronger.

Index – disappointment and muscle pain

This finger is responsible for manifestations of fear and confusion, and the work of the kidneys. Scientists in the field of medicine have conducted many studies have shown that massage of placemarks has a positive effect on kidney diseases. It helps with muscle and spinal pain.

Middle finger – fatigue and anger

If you feel tired and irritated, press firmly middle finger and hold this position for 3-5 minutes. Not only will you get rid of negative emotions, but it will have a positive effect on the liver. Exercise helps to reduce blood pressure and anxiety.

Ring finger – a problematic digestive system and pessimism

Want to get rid of negative emotions and uncertainty? Concentrate efforts and energy on the ring finger. Massaging this finger has a positive effect on the digestive and respiratory systems, reducing pain in the chest and kidneys. Remember that while doing these exercises should remain calm and control your breathing.

Little finger – stress and anxiety

This finger controls confidence. If you think in recent times it is too low, massage your smallest finger. Concentrate on what you do, and think of pleasant things during this time. This exercise is very useful also for those who have problems with their nervous system and chest pains.

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