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Treatment of Colon Cancer with Dates!

Even if you have not assumed, that the magic cure for colon cancer is located close at hand from you

As much as you believe dates successfully treated many of the people suffering from the insidious cancer disease. Besides being treated colon cancer, dates successfully reduce the high blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Recommended that the dates be taken during pregnancy, and furthermore prevent the occurrence of arthritis and assist in impotence.

It turns out that this yummy exotic fruit can save you from a number of health problems.


It’s not accidently, the claim of an old Arab proverb that the benefits of the dates are so many, as there are days in the year.

If you regularly eat dates will strengthen your immune system, will increase your endurance and concentration – will significantly reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL).

They are a powerful tool for the treatment of cancer, because of contained high amounts of selenium in them. Among the many benefits of them is that your teeth being healthy because they contain enough fluoride.

You’re wrong, if you think that the beneficial properties are depleted there. They are very useful for many lung problems such as asthma, for example, as well as iron deficiency anemia. If you want to cure colon cancer, it is necessary to eat a 100 g. dates per day

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