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You Have Severely Heartbeat. Here’s How To Normalize Only in 1 Minute, Without Medications.

Your heart beat fast and jump over: Here’s how to normalize for 1 minute without medications

You ever get a bout of rapid heartbeat because of stress or for no reason?

This phenomenon occurs equally to men and women of all ages. The feeling is quite uncomfortable and we all want faster it to stop.

These are 3 simple ways that you can do in less than one minute, and with whose help will quickly influence on the pulse to normalize it.

1. A method with cold water

You need a lot of cold water, the colder, so much better, therefore in a bowl of water put more ice cubes.


All you need to do when your pulse is accelerated, is to take a deep breath, to immerse your face in cold water and maintenance, much as you can longer.
This procedure stimulates Nervus vagus (wandering nerve), which acts on calming heartbeat.

When you put your face in cold water, the body sends a signal to slow metabolism, known as reflex divers that causes rapid reduction in heart attacks. This is the same reflex that helps some people survive longer in cold water.

2. A lot of deep breathing

Breathe very deep, to the point where you are no longer able to take the least air. Then quickly exhale air from the lungs. Repeat as necessary. It is not enough just deep breathing. Very deep breathing will slow the heart rate, so you need to take to extremes the lungs, significantly more than just deep breathing. Only in this way will normalize the work of the heart.

3. Average breathing

Breathe with average power. Plug your nose and take a strong breath yourself without air leakage. Hold as possible. Then exhale and relax.

It can feel a slight dizziness, but this is normal. As with the fading of the ear, to offset pressure.

Try each of these techniques several times before moving to the next. After some time by yourself will determine which most suits you and helps.

However, if ever fall into such conditions of rapid heartbeat that lasts 20 minutes or more, you feel fatigue, pain or other complaints, seek medical help.

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