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Cut the onion into 4 pieces and place it in your home. When you understand how it act and what helps, yet this evening …

Humankind cook and treated with onions since ancient times. The healing benefits are proven and science.

Scientists have discovered how, and exactly which compounds in onions help people be cured from dozens of diseases.
We suggest you read some of the ways, in which you can improve your health with the help of onions.

Can a onions help you to fight the flu?

This idea was initiated over a period of thousands of years. In the ancient ayurvedic and Chinese medicine there are many recipes with onions. Eastern healers have known better their strong therapeutic and soothing properties. The ability of onions to relieve the symptoms of flu, including coughing, congestion, respiratory infections and bronchitis, has been recognized by the World Health Organization.


So,what would happen if you put one or more onions, cut into four piece in the premises of your home? Yes, for a while, your home will not smell very nice. Still, the smell of onions is not quite as bad, such garlic, but still irritating.

But! After a time, the flavor of onion will not be felt so strongly. Moreover, according to ancient healers in India, raw onion absorbs germs from the air and prevent them invading into the body. This practice is very useful during influenza epidemics and if at home already has someone who has flu symptoms. Cutting the four onion will kill any nasty germs and viruses. It is enough to place it in the evening before going to bed, to protect yourself.

Why onions is so useful?

Onions are rich in sulfur compounds as smelly cysteine sulfoxide. Sharp aroma of onions was due to these compounds, and they are the ones, who watery eyes when cutting onions.

Sulfur compounds are also essential to prevent cancer and heart disease. Furthermore, they enhance immunity and prevent some common diseases.

Onions are rich in the antioxidant quercetin. This helps the body in its fight with free radicals and improves the immune response. This information should give you an enough in order to overcome your disgust / if there is one/ to the scent of onions and run it thoroughly, to protect yourself and your family from unpleasant illnesses and disorders.

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