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28-year-old mother died of cervical cancer – these are symptoms, which has ignored

When I read this touching story about a young mother who died of cancer, you will immediately go to review.

Amanda Booth gave birth three children, had great fear to make a test of the cervix.

She was only 28 years old. She died of cancer of the cervix, by one disease, whose symptoms she has ignored.

Amanda died from this terrible disease and behind left three children Demi (11), Leon (8) and Lucas (5). The family claims, that “she lives for children,” .

women died from cancer

But many were afraid to go to the vaginal swab, which helps in early diagnosis of cancer of the cervix. Exactly this terrible disease it destroyed the body. She learned that even when has appeared awfully bleeding.

Last June, he completed chemotherapy, but doctors said her, the disease it so much advanced, that her remained only a few weeks to live.

– I was afraid to go to review. I’m shy. Now I did two tests and I know how important this is. When I told Amanda that I have no cancer, She was thrilled. We all have to make these examinations, said relatives of Amanda.

Before she died, Amanda restores marriage vows with her husband David and baptized Demi and Lennon.

Medina Durant said, that appeared dangerous spike in diseases of the cervix in women who are aged from 25 to 29 years.

Do not play with the health! Go to review !

These are symptoms of this terrible disease:

– Bleeding outside the cycle

– Bleeding after sex and any unusual bleeding

– Pain in the vagina during sex

– Liquid odor that comes from the vagina

– Pain during urination

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