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Say Goodbye To Stretch Marks! No Trace Of Them In Two Weeks!

Stretch marks appear onto the skin quickly and unexpectedly! Even very slight weight gain can cause stretch marks – dark and deep …

To prevent this problem, you must include in your diet plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, nuts. Drink plenty of water: moisturizing body inside and will be a good prevention of stretch marks. Also, do not forget to hydrate your skin with a cream or oil on the outside.

stretch marks

And do not worry, even if you have already received them – we know what to do!

Cure for stretch marks:

1 tbsp. salt
1 tablespoon of sugar
0.5 cups of vegetable oil


Mix all ingredients, so you get salty-sweet scrub.
Active massage the skin, it is best to do it during the shower.
Wash scrub with warm water, then apply moisturizer to the skin.

Folk remedies will help you to deal with this annoying cosmetic problem! After the sugar scrub is useful to apply on the skin, the fleshy part of fresh dark grapes. Thanks to fruit acids,that it contains, the skin will visibly brightened and tan will equalize.

Another remedy against stretch marks can help even in the most advanced cases: finely grated lemon peel, mix with yogurt into a dense mass. Keep the mask onto the skin for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

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