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Why Doctors Are Silent: 5 Foods That Will Literally Remove Toxins From Your Body!

The food, that we eat today contains many harmful substances, with the purification of which the body no longer cope alone. People often go too far in trying to get rid of toxins, some of which may even lead you to the hospital.

Good to know: there are many and it relatively affordable products that make detoxify the body better than any medicine. Here they are:

Products for cleaning the body

It consists of a fiber, copper, phosphorus, vitamin C and various mineral acids, which improve digestion and kill putrefactive bacteria in the gut. Lipotropic agent “betaine” helps the liver better to get rid of toxins.


Beets not only help purify your body, it also helps to rejuvenate the body as a result of folic acid and quartz contains.

How to use it: boiled in soup, as salad or juice.

One of the most important components in the onions are those which are contained in essential oils. They quickly kill most bacteria and fungi. Furthermore, onion helps to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, improves appetite.


How to use it: fresh, in a salad or as an alcoholic tincture for the face (against acne and blackheads).

Only one clove of garlic contains more than 400 beneficial ingredients that clean the blood vessels, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and kill the cause of brain cancer – glioblastoma multiforme.


Also substances, which are part of the garlic, destroy the cause of gastric ulcer – Helicobacter pylori, kill worms and germs causing diphtheria and tuberculosis.

How to use it: the best is fresh or in powdered form.

Rich in dietary fiber, this vegetable is associated with heavy metals and toxins, and easily purged from the body.


Also in its composition there are organic acids which have a positive effect on digestion and stabilize microflora. The rare vitamin U «kill» hazardous substances and participates in the synthesis of vitamins and even cure ulcers.

How to use it: can be fresh or sour, or even in the form of juice.

This fruit stabilize the entire digestive systemas a result of pectin and cellulose, which “connect” plaque and toxins. Apples improve appetite, help for the development of gastric juice, relieve constipation, destroy pathogens of influenza virus A, dysentery, Staphylococcus aureus.


How to use them: fresh with its peel in the form of juice and grated “mess” as compote.

These five products will not harm your health, on the contrary.

Forget the drugs and chemistry, act natural!

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