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Ginger Wrap – Removes Mucus From Lungs And Cures Strong Coughs For Only One Night! Very Efficient For Children

If you have colds and diseases of the respiratory tract, then we have the right cure for you. It has a high biological activity, while the honey successfully eliminates the mucus present throughout coughing attacks. These wraps are the best way for children, but can also be used for adults


What you need:

* honey
* the flour
* Vegetable oil
* napkin
* gauze
* Band-aid adhesive tape

How to prepare:

Mix the flour with a small quantity of honey, so that the mixture does not stick to hands. After that, add a little vegetable oil and then again roll it in the flour. At the end, put the mixture on a napkin and wrap a napkin in the cheesecloth

ginger wrap

How to use:

Attach well the wrap on the chest or back with adhesive tape. You should not put the wrap on the area of the heart, but just above the heart. For children, the wrap should be placed 2-3 hours before going to bed. Please keep in mind that children are not allowed to sleep with a compress, while adults can sleep the whole night with the compress attached. For improved performance, add a bit of mustard powder

Before the procedure, put some cover on the sheets, since you will sweat a lot, it has efficient impact.. This compress is very effective, because it is rich in the anti-inflammatory properties and effects of warming. The first results are visible in the initial stage of the disease. While your situation may be better after the first treatment with compress, continue the proceedings for a few days, to the treatment was successful.

Wraps are not recommended for children younger than six years. In addition, if a child is experiencing some kind of skin disease or injury, should be avoided the application of wrap on the their chest or skin.

Just like honey, ginger is a part of traditional medicine in the long run, because it is successfully treated cough and sore throat, and chest congestion.

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